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MySahana: A South Asian Mental Health Nonprofit
A 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit dedicated to spreading awareness and removing stigma


6 Reasons Men and Women Have Emotional Affairs

6 Reasons Men and Women Have Emotional Affairs Most of the time an emotional affair happens without anyone realizing that it has happened. In fact, emotional affairs are often the product of good intentions and what are considered to be polite or Keep reading →

Supporting Others: Are You Being Helpful or Dismissive?

Supporting Others: Are You Being Helpful or Dismissive?Seeing a loved one suffering from stress, anxiety, grief or depression can be heartbreaking. It can be difficult to know what to do or how to react. You may wish to fix the situation or take on some of the Keep reading →

Giving Thanks: Six Easy Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Giving Thanks: Six Easy Ways to Live a Healthier LifeBoth intuition and research have shown that feeling grateful makes people feel good, physically and emotionally. Gratitude, as defined by psychologist Robert Emmons  studying this positive emotion, is a Keep reading →

Anger management in children

Anger management in childrenAt a grocery store, an elementary school-aged boy named John asked his mother to buy him chocolate.  When she refused, the boy started hitting her in front of others.  The mother reacted to this by Keep reading →

Mindful Eating

Mindful EatingIt is the end of a stressful week, and you reward yourself for a job well done by eating your favorite dessert.  You are unaware of the delicious food disappearing as you continue to browse the net or Keep reading →

Learning Disability and Social Manifestations

Learning Disability and Social ManifestationsDhruv was always lagging behind the rest of 1st grade children in his elementary school. His fine motor skills were deficient; even holding the crayon correctly was a task for him. He had trouble Keep reading →


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Successful Stress Management workshop!

Stress Management workshop by MySahana and Hume Center was a HUGE success! Thanks to Swetha and Preet!

Stress Management Seminar



Question: My elderly father, who is very well educated, is now living with us since my mother passed away. He and I used to always share a drink in the evenings in India but since he came I’ve noticed he’s started asking for more and more drinks. Could he be an alcoholic?

Alcoholism and alcohol addiction can begin at any age after any trigger regardless of educational status. It is possible that your father has decided to use alcohol to cope with the numerous changes in his life – losing his wife, moving to a new place, losing his independence, etc. Excessive alcohol use is linked to  Continue reading >> Ask a question